Artist Collective Memberships

Connections, innovations, friendships & inspiration grow here; join the heartbeat of our community.


For artists and makers of any level who want regular, 24-hour access to a  well-equipped studio space with a built-in creative community of visual artists, printmakers, and creative explorers, plus the amenities that help make OGS home. Our Co-op Artists feel that the support and interaction they get while working in our shared studios allows them to grow and improve in ways that would never have been possible in their home studios. 

PRINTMAKING  |  $180/mo

Full access to the OGS Print Shop, equipment and community supplies. This redesigned shared space houses two presses, glass-top inking tables, movable worktables, watertable, photo-exposure units and light table. Bring your own inks, rollers and tools or use materials supplied by the Co-op. 

Term Contracts: 12mo: $180 | 6mo: $200 | 3mo: $225 | 1mo: $250

VISUAL ARTS  |  $155/mo

Access to the Visual Art Studio's equipment and supplies for painting, illustration, bookarts, collage or any other 2D medium. This shared studio has adjustable height work tables, taborets, easels, palettes, community paints and brushes. With plenty of natural light and gallery walls, it's an inspiring place to create. 

Term Contracts: 12mo: $155| 6mo: $175 | 3mo: $200 | 1mo: $225

Artist Collective Benefits

24/7 Access


15% Education Discount 

Community Network​








For dedicated artists and creative adults who need a space devoted to their craft. Private and dedicated spaces offer a home-away-from-home, with access to OGS's well-equiped studio spaces for visual arts and printmaking and all the perks of the co-op. OGS's creative community offers inspiration, education, companionship and informal mentorships, whether you're here every day or need a weekly creative retreat. 

In all we have 7 dedicated workspaces for artists and creative types.

DEDICATED SPACES |  $285- $320/mo

A semi-private space (behind a curtain like the great Oz) inside our larger space that lets you nest with other artists close at hand and easy access to communal studios. 


TWO PRIVATE SPACES  | $350 & $400

Private spaces with doors that lock, offer privacy where you get to choose if you want interaction with the community or you can close the door to distractions when you're in the zone. 


Monthly prices reflect 12 month terms. All monthly plans require two professional references, a signed contract,

an annual supplies fee and a refundable security deposit.