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Handmade Masks | Be Kind, Be Safe

~ so glad you're inspired to put on creative face! ~

When the Monterey County Shelter in Place Order was tightened in April, I finally found a way to help.  Knowing we'd all need to start wearing masks, and knowing my sole N95 with sawdust all over it wouldn't do, I got to work. I pulled up my special box of cotton fabrics and found the best pattern ever!

Thank you Craft Passion Shop!  

I've now made over 40 masks in an attempt to outfit my family, friends and artist community so they can emerge from their homes safely and wearing a little work of art. #livesculptureart. If my arthritic left thumb wasn't getting in the way, I would go into production

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In 2010 I began printing etchings and woodcuts on muslin for my line of flat screen TV covers, called Media Peace. While I no longer make them, I still have an inventory of the center art that was meant to go inside their intricate silk and cotton frames that sported a custom pocket to cover up the big black hole in the center of most living spaces. It's been a pleasure finding a reason to empty that box and spread art out into the world, on your beautiful faces for the common good. 

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