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Open Ground Studios is an oasis for self-expression through the artistic soul; a safe-haven for the novice, an ally for professional artist, and a home for the creative adult. OGS is a place where art is the vehicle for learning, practice and connection.



We believe art plays a profound role in our human experience. As adults we are often consumed by the pace and responsibilities of our lives, while our creative spirits wait patiently to be revived.

We believe emerging and professional artists thrive in a collaborative and supportive community, where freedom for innovation, growth, and camaraderie is limitless. It is our responsibility as a society to invest in the arts to preserve and strengthen this aspect of our community and of ourselves.

At Open Ground Studios we specialize in maintaining space for the exploration of visual art that inspires transformation.

OGS: Champion of the Arts 2019

"We all do better, when we all do better"  - Senator Paul Wellstone

Open Ground Studios became the first community art studio on the Peninsula in 2013. Since then we've built a dynamic creative community through our education program, hosting classes and workshops taught by talented local, regional and national artists. Over 40 young people have been mentored through internships and 300 visual artists' work has been showcased in our gallery in 36 unique exhibitions. OGS has taken root on the Peninsula as a vibrant and valuable art space for emerging and professional artists, for teens and re-entry creative adults.


In 2018 OGS made a significant shift in it's design both physically and in it's programs. Our remodeled 2000 square foot facility now houses multiple dedicated studio spaces for individual artists and remodeled shared printmaking and painting studios.  We continue to offer educational opportunities through on-going monthly classes, weekend workshops and private lessons.


"Nesting" Charcoal by Denese Sanders

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