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Valuing Color ~ Building Foundations

Art to the Max Summer Series

Taught by a team of five professional artist instructors including Paul Richmond, Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Chris Leib, Charlsie Kelly, and Denese Sanders, this 3-week foundational series of 2-day workshops will explore the world of visual arts through the lens of color, value and personal expression. Each two-day session can be taken independently or as part of the larger series for a holistic experience of the creative process.


Mondays - Thursdays, 1:00-5:00 pm

Art to the Max: All Three Weeks:   $625

Art Infusion: One Week:                  $250

Art Hopping: One Session:             $130


Coptic Binding & Watercolor | July 10 - 13

Instructors: Denese Sanders & Charlsie Kelly

$130 per workshop/ $250 for both  


Coptic Binding: Monday & Tuesday

Art making begins with an idea, and the artist’s sketchbook is the most loyal friend for capturing the journey. Join Denese in building your own hand-bound coptic book~ from designing your unique, one-of-a-kind cover to binding it with mixed media paper and leather for a reinforced spine. Instructor: Denese Sanders



Watercolor: Wednesday & Thursday

With Charlsie, you will discover one of the most fascinating of all the wet-media: watercolor. Whether you love control or want to "let it all hang out", watercolor is for you. This introduction to materials and methods will leave participants with renewed confidence, artwork in their handmade books, and several paintings done in a variety of styles. Instructor: Charlsie Kelly

CANCELED (Due to low enrollment)

The Art of Color | July 17 - 20

Instructors: Kirstine Reiner Hansen & Chris Leib

$130 per workshop/ $250 for both  


Exploring Color: Monday & Tuesday

Exploring Color with Kirstine will help you turn theory into practical application. Together we will disspell the mystery of hue, value and contrast while doing hands-on exercises through acrylic color mixing and abstract compositions. Instructor: Kirstine Reiner Hansen



Quick Painting Studies: Wednesday & Thursday

Once saturated with color you can learn to do what Chris has done: “when I started making a quick 30 minute painting every day, it improved my understanding of color, and how to mix pigments on an intuitive level.” Students will learn basic quick painting techniques in acrylic or oil, brush handling and acquire the ability to edit your work. Instructor: Chris Leib

Go Figure in Color| July 24 - 27

Instructors: Paul Richmond (July 24 & 25) The team: July 26 & 27)

$130 per workshop/ $250 for both  


Go Figure (Figure Drawing): Monday & Tuesday

From the beginning of time, artists have been drawn to the figure. Paul will guide you through drawing strategies to capture the figure in its full-bodied glory~ from basic guidance in seeing structural landmarks to experiencing the gesture of a pose and expression. Live models will be present for part of the time. Instructor: Paul Richmond



Drawing & Painting Freestyle: Wednesday & Thursday

Open Session: draw or paint the figure and still-life alongside our team of professional artists using any of the tools you’ve learned along the way! These two days will allow you additional guidance, inspiration, and individual attention as you deepen your artist tool box and fatten your portfolio!

CANCELED (Due to low enrollment)