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Terese Garcia



5:30 - 7:30​

Exhibition Dates May 10 - June 29

Gallery Hours:  T & TH 1-5 & by appointment

TERESE GARCIA is a contemporary artist whose non-representational paintings and constructs literally and metaphorically go Beyond Conventions. Her work is made with a meditative approach, that calls upon the creation of a non-linear visual space.

“When working on a painting or art piece, the source of creation is the unknown and the work evolves through sheer will. I leave myself behind and I enter a timeless reality where things become undefinable by words and I merge with the piece.”                     - Terese Garcia

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The structural importance of the work relies on a variety of elements. In her paintings, Garcia creates one-of-a-kind palettes that reveal colors made up of multiple layers of paint as well as natural and manmade materials which give much of her work a sculptural essence. She makes her art “in the here and now,” and without boundaries which allows her inner atmosphere both stillness and movement.  Intentionally incorporated in her paintings are line-marks that vary in length and form. In her constructs, she builds abstract images on panels using various materials with a keen observation of the unknown guided by her intuition and imagination.  Her work is informed by nature, impermanence and humility; the end result is a unique process that goes beyond words and can be described as transcendent, transformational and open-minded.


Her work has been shown in numerous group, juried and solo exhibitions throughout California and in New York. She is currently represented by Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, Art a la Folie online Gallery and The Edge Gallery, Carmel Valley, CA.


We are thrilled to mount this solo exhibition for our long-time Artist Member whose work ethic, grounded spirit and creative nature has impacted our community beyond measure.

Terese began creating work at Open Ground studios in 2014; a place she describes as a sacred sanctuary where she is free to ‘let go’ while making her work. 

“This art-space and community has become a part of me and my art.”

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