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Co-op Artists

Co-op artist members bring vitality, curiosity and inspiration inside our shared studio spaces.


Artists and makers don't always want to work in isolation. Many of our co-op artists feel that the support and interaction they get while working in our shared space allows them to grow and improve in ways that would never be possible in their home studios. Whether it is space, equipment, or connection to other artists that you seek, you'll find it all and more, as an OGS Co-op Artist.

  • Co-op Printmakers: $175/mo with 12mo contract 
  • Co-op Painters & Mixed Media: $150/mo with 12mo contract


Our Shared Studios

We have a shared printmaking studio and a shared painting studio. Co-op artists, whether their specialty is printmaking, book arts, drawing, or painting can utilize any of the shared spaces for their work. (The only exception is to keep oil painting out of the printshop.) 

Meet Artist Members
Selection Process

Interested artists submit an application and participate in a 20-30 minute interview to determine the best membership option to fill the applicant needs, and co-op community compatibility. Upon acceptance, co-op artists sign a contract for a term length, determine a start date and pay the necessary signing fees. (Refundable security deposit, and supply fee). When the term commences, co-op members have 24/7 access. 

Benefits & Priviledges
  • community, collaboration, connections

  • storage space

  • exhibition and sales opportunities

  • social media & periodic promotion

  • website link to artists websites

  • access to larger community network

  • multiple self-promotion opportunities

  • teaching classes & workshops

  • 24/7 access to facilities & equipment

  • Discounts to classes and workshops


  • c o o p e r a t i o n  

  • follow safety and community guidelines

  • must participate with studio cleanliness

  • support & advocate the mission of OGS

  • agree with the OGS guiding principles

  • RESPECT: property, supplies, ecology of resources, privacy of others

  • respectful and peaceful behavior

  • attention to personal hygiene

  • responsible action

  • pay fees on time



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