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Prints, Drawing, Paintings, Mixed Media
Artist Reception & Holiday Party
December 4, 5:30-7:30
Exhibition Dates: November 25- January 21,  2016


The artists being showcased in this exhibition have at least one thing in common: they share studio space, ideas, life stories and are the life-blood of the Open Ground Studios facility. 


It is an honor to showcase the diverse body of work created by these artists who not only work together in harmony under the same roof, who support eachothers professional and often personal growth, but who also give of themselves to the wellbeing, maintenance and sustainability of this art studio and co-working space. 

Pop-up Annex Gallery:

A special guest exhibition will be in our Annex Gallery for two days (Dec. 4 & 5) with fourteen Monterey Peninsula College drawing students lead by instructor Bob Lamp.


Derrick Brereton

Ryan Burke

Amanda Butler

Lizette Elizondo

Jamie Fenton

Karen Fenton

Aasun Guilmette

Natalie Jenkins

Andrea Jones

Byron Reitan

Rosanne Shaver

Michael Sturges

Amanda Trujillo-Moran

Sienna Tyler


Grace Oh

Nora Partido

Helen A. Rudnick

Debra Jameson Smith

Jeffrey Stone

Marsha Umbour

About the OGS Gallery 

Our intimate exhibition space, recently transformed into a coworking office is open to proposals from OGS members for solo and groups shows. Contact us for more information.

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