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Cross Pollination: Art & Nature

Paintings by Erin Hunter




Artist Reception


Friday, January 26



Exhibition Dates

January 26 - February 24


Also featuring
Open Ground Studios Grand Re-Opening

2018 New Model: Artist Collective & Fine Art School


For as long as local artist Erin Hunter can remember, she’s been drawn to the natural world, to understand the plants and animals around her and how they are connected to each other. In tandem with this is a lifelong urge to draw and paint these things she finds beautiful and compelling. The idea of cross-pollination encompasses both the merging of these two passions, and also a specific fascination with the relationships between flowering plants and their animal visitors. This exhibition will be a showcase of Erin’s artistic journey from her explorations with science and children’s book illustrations to her most recent acrylic paintings. Visit Erin's website for more information.



Erin E. Hunter is a painter and science illustrator living and working on the Monterey Peninsula. She splits her work between fine art paintings depicting the natural world, and technical illustrations for an academic science journal (Annual Reviews).  Her personal work focuses on the interactions between plants and animals, with a special interest in plant-pollinator relationships. She also teaches weekend workshops, giving classes in natural history, drawing, and painting. Erin will be teaching a one-day workshop at Open Ground Studios on Feb. 24: Watercolor & The Natural World ~ notations and techniques for field journaling. (Contact us for more information about the workshop)

About the OGS Gallery

Our intimate exhibition space mounts 5 exhibitions per year. We are open to proposals from OGS members for solo and group shows. Contact us for more information.

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