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Open Ground Studios

in collaboration with

Green Chalk Contemporary



A Pop-up Exhibition
Co-curated Denese Sanders & Gail Enns
Opening Reception: Nov. 3, 4-6pm
Gallery Open Monday & Tues, Nov. 5 & 6

Participating Artists

Andrea Monroe

Bonnie Rose Fernandez

Cindy Muscarello

Denese Sanders

Diana Corvelle

Domini Anne

Evelyn Klein

Reiko Fujii 

Gail Enns

Heidi McGurrin

Holly and Ashlee Temple

Jodie Dodge

Judy Mussoff

Kim Campbell

Linda Lay

Michelle Magdalena

Megan Mach

Melissa Pickford

Melissa Smedley

Nancy Sevier

Nicki Sucec

Renata Abma

Robynn Smith

Stacey Gregory

Susan Hyde Greene

Terese Garcia


This pre-election pop-up exhibition has charged local and regional women artists to express their reactions, and reflections on the current state of our democracy, women's rights, the rule of law and then some.  Open Ground Studios Director Denese Sanders and Green Chalk Contemporary Director Gail Enns are teaming up to curate an exhibition that will present an array of raw and real creative expression through collage, performing arts, mixed media, painting and installation. The show aims to motivate and unite the voices of women artists and to create dialogue and incentive for action. VOTE! 


50% of entry fee is being donated to the Monterey County Democratic Center for Change and Congressman Jimmy Panetta and other local area candidates invited to opening reception to say a few words.More details upon request.


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