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Artist Reception


Friday, May 11



Exhibition Dates

May 11 - July 3


Celebrating Open Ground Studios 
5th Anniversary on the Penninsula


A Group Exhibition of the

Emerging Artists Alliance of Monterey




Artwork by Maryia Hryharenka

Annamarie Lopez

Bryce Elischer

Carlos Castro

Caroline Salyer

Edi Matsumoto

Ellis Something

Emma Heady

Jack Wray

Lisa Haas

Liana Vitousek

Exhibiting Artists

Marina Hernandez

Maryia Hryharenka

Raven Cook

Sophie Stewart

Stitch Campos

Felicia Acosta

Tatiana Hart

Corinn Hillstrom

Dianna O'Briant

The Emerging Artists Alliance of Monterey is a vibrant community of artists interested in cultivating new opportunities, ideas and artists in an open community setting, while lending emerging and underrepresented artists a hand through exposure and collaboration. We aim to bring budding artists together, promote their work, and help them find the tools necessary to succeed.



Growth is an exhibition of local emerging artists whose work spans cultures and generations. Though the artists showcased are diverse in media and subject, their various styles are threaded together by a common theme, Growth. Their work focuses on all aspects of the term: physical growth, emotional development, the artistic process, humans, plants, society and community; a collection serving to create a conversation around progress and advancement of all kinds. The exhibition was juried by the EAAM Officers: Dianna O'Briant, Valerie Guardiola, Tatiana Hart, Monica Helmick, and Corinn Hillstrom.

In partnership with the Emerging Artists Alliance (EAAM) of Monterey, Open Ground Studios Artist Collective will offer a supportive environment to further the vision and growth of EAAM and local emerging artists through exhibition, dialogue, critique and professional presentation.

Artwork by Stitch Campos

About the OGS Gallery

Our intimate exhibition space mounts 4 exhibitions per year. We are open to proposals from OGS members for solo and group shows. Contact us for more information.

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