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Currently on Exhibit:              Indulge in Imagination


Katie Crawford

Original Mixed Watercolors
Artist Reception
July 10, 2015  | 5:30-7:30
Exhibition Dates: July 10 - Sept. 17

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the belief that Art's power is its ability to make others see. It is this ability to reveal, both the good and the bad, that gives art the power to influence society. But I believe that if art is to have a positive influence on society it can not merely reflect the problems, it must offer solutions as well.


In my current body of work I am offering an antidote for the angst, stress and lack of satisfaction that seems to plague our society. As children we were encouraged and expected to view the world with whimsy, imagination and joy. However “growing up” seems to mean pushing whimsy and imagination to the background and only viewing it through a cluttered veil of stresses dubbed “reality.”


I make whimsy and imagination the top layer so it can be viewed unobstructed.  I build this whimsy on a base of vintage love letters. These tangible representations of human relationships ground us,  reminding us of what is truly important in life. Each piece offers a moment where imagination and whimsy obscure the angst, we can let go of the unimportant and once again feel the joy that comes from a sense of satisfaction in life.


About the Gallery 

Our intimate exhibition space, recently transformed into a coworking office is open to proposals from OGS members for solo and groups shows. Contact us for more information.

Katie Crawford Bio

Katie is a self-taught mixed media artist who relocated to the Monterey Peninsula in January from Fayetteville, NC. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University in anthropology and art history. Art has been her passion from a young age and since graduating she has shown and sold her work around the east coast through fine art festivals. Katie is a military spouse who joined Open Ground Studios as a co-op member as soon as she and her husband arrived for his 18-month program at NPS. She works full time as a self-employed artist to produce, promote and sell her work. She has been exhibited in galleries in NC, CA and VA and is included in many private collections throughout the country.

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