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more than just her story : denese sanders & jennifer anderson

An exhibition at the Monterey Peninsula College Art Gallery | March-April 2014

This two-person exhibition reflects the convergence of a common story. Both Jennifer Anderson’s and Denese Sanders’ artworks spring from their experiences and reflections on family, motherhood and personal history. Anderson’s steady use of birds as subject matter is representational and symbolic, offering notions of strength, wisdom, curiosity and community. Rope as the subject that weaves through Sanders’ current work becomes metaphor for those illusions that bind us, or the security we perceive when being held.
Friends for over 6 years, printmakers for many more than that, their methods and media often overlap and entwine, revealing a connection as artists, women, and the roles they hold in their individual lives. Through out the preparation for this exhibition they have collaborated in the studio, through text and conversation and have created an exhibition that is a thought-provoking story of home and family, whether defined by will, choice or DNA.


Denese Sanders portfolio from this exhibition | Sanders Bio and Artist Statement

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