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Past Gallery Exhibitions


Beyond Conventions - Paintings and Constructs by Terese Garcia

A Year of Growth - Group Exhibition OGS Student Artists | Artist Spotlight: Deb Burke


Good & Mad Pop-Up Exhibit - Political Works by Women Artists

Making Our Mark - OGS Artist Collective

Growth - Emerging Artist Alliance of Monterey

Cross Pollination - Paintings & Drawings by Erin Hunter


Perishables - Installtion by Melissa Smedley

Face to Face - Paintings by Paul Richomd

2nd Annual Student & Member Exhibition - Collected Works by OGS Students & Supporters

Magical Moments by the Sea - Paintings by Anastaysia Bachmanova

Be - Change - Become - Transformative Word Art by John Hain


4th Annual Co-op Artist Showcase - Works by the OGS Co-op

Against the Grain - Timless Impressions by Bill Sanders

Geisha Redefined - Reduction Woodcuts by Alyssa Endo

1st Annual Student & Member Exhibition - Works by OGS Students and Supporting Members

Tom Gundelfinger O'Neal - Photographs from Monterey Pop

Rem(a)inders - Rain Paintings by Rachel Hester


3rd Annual Co-op Artist Showcase - Works by the OGS Co-op

Printmakers at the Tannery - Prints by the PATT Art Collective

Indulge in Imagination - Watercolor Paintings by Katie Crawford

Sunrise Challenge - A Collection of Sunrises curated by Molly Nance

Spirit of Place - The Monotypes of Glen Rodgers


New Arrivals - Work by Alyssa Endo, Dora Rosenbaum & Christine Watten

M/otherwork - A Collaborative Exhibition curated by Normi Burke

More Than Just Her Story - Installation art by Denese Sanders & Jennifer Anderson 

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