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Exhibition of Prints
Artist Reception
September 18, 5:30-7:30
Exhibition Dates: Sept.18 - Nov. 12


The Printmakers at the Tannery’s (PATT) mission is to provide studio resources for Santa Cruz County printmakers so they may create art and follow their interests in an unstructured yet collaborative way.


PATT also aims to encourage the creation and appreciation of original hand-pulled prints and the art of printmaking, through exhibitions, demonstrations, and talks.


This exhibition contains artwork from 17 printmakers, representing contemporary and traditional printmaking methods from etching and woodcut, to screen print, photopolymer intaglio and monotypes.

About the OGS Gallery 

Mary Weeks             Cindy Haug                   Andree LeBourveau
Janis O'Driscoll         Hedwig Heerschop         Catharina Marlowe
Mary Neater             Frank Trueba                 Jane Gregorius
Julie Erreca              Lu Lee                           Johanna Atkinson
Louise Leong            Ann Miya                       Bob Rocco
George Newell          Margie Baron

Our intimate exhibition space, recently transformed into a coworking office is open to proposals from OGS members for solo and groups shows. Contact us for more information.

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