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Copper Etching Workshop | Diptych- Cancelled

Copper Etching Workshop | Diptych- Cancelled

Copper Etching Workshop | Diptych
Instructor: Denese Sanders
Saturday & Sunday March 21-22 10:00 – 4:00
$150 members / $160 non-members, Lunch & supplies included

For both beginners and experienced printmakers, this class is meant to give students a hands-on experience working in traditional etching methods. Etching is an Intaglio techniques which means "below the surface." The lines are etched into the plate - when printed, the ink is pulled from the grooves onto dampened paper. This printmaking technique has so many interesting methods to create an image including line, texture and values.
The weekend class covers etching with hardground (line) and aquatint (values from grey to black)- and for advanced students, softground (texture) will be an option. While imagery is open to student interpretation, we will work on small copper plates which can be paired to create a diptych ~ side-by-side or one-on-top of the other. Prints will be primarily in black and white for beginners or monochromatic.

All tools and materials will be provided, however a small supplies list will be sent to registered students for an optimal experience.

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