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Cyanotype with Hedwig Heerschop | JULY 6

Cyanotype with Hedwig Heerschop | JULY 6

The photographic process cyanotype is one of the oldest processes going back to the early 1800s, it is one of the easiest processes to learn and master. This workshop is for students of all levels. They will be able to master this particular process very quickly. Photography darkroom experience is not required.
Workshop participants will be shown a number of different approaches in using the cyanotype process. We will experiment with making photograms also known as "shadow pictures" of various objects on pre-coated paper and we'll discuss and experiment with some of the various ways of working with more traditional photographic subject matter using either traditional film or digital imagery as a starting point. Both, students with a strong photo interest as well as those who don’t have an interest, will find that the cyanotype process offers endless exciting and playful possibilities. The process will give beautiful sharp photographic detail but one can also create a very painterly quality depending on personal preference.

Workshop participants are asked to bring small objects (flowers or other plants are great subjects) for making photograms as well as digital photographic images saved to a USB thumb drive which can be used to demonstrate the various ways to approach using the cyanotype process. An explanation of the photo chemistry will be given, as well as a variety of recipes which can be used. Sources for finding the various chemicals and other necessary equipment will be provided so that participants have the opportunity to continue doing their own experiments at home after the end of this workshop.

Instructor: Hedwig M. Heerschop
Details, dates and price below
  • Details

    Sunday July 6
    10:00-4:00 p.m.
    Supplies Fee: $15 Includes 2 sheets of BFK paper, chemicals, 2 sheets of Pictorico Transparency 8.5x11 and tools
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