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Painting Wild | Abstract Watercolor

Painting Wild | Abstract Watercolor

Painting Wild | Abstract Watercolor
Instructor: Laura Hamill

This abstract watercolor workshop is best described as an intuitive experience between the painter and the painting at all levels. No previous painting or watercolor experience is necessary at all!
We start with the painter mixing the paints that are calling them so their color palette is purely intuition not trying to “paint” an actual painting. Then we prepare the blank canvas and immerse the paper in color – fully covering the entire paper if so desired – it is about what feels good for the painting and what feels good to the artist.
At a certain point the combinations of space and colors will be complete – the artist will know when.
When the painting emerges – you will see the most amazing colors and feelings come through onto the paper – that is the wild inside and painting wild!

Saturday Classes:

Sept 20: 10:00- 12:30 - Cancelled
Oct. 25: 10:00- 12:30

Class Fee: $35 or both for $60
All supplies included for the production of two paintings each session
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