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Screen Printing & Painting-A Colorful Combo | JULY

Screen Printing & Painting-A Colorful Combo | JULY

Join Sandra during her 5-day residency at Open Ground Studios.
Each day starts off with an over view of work, progress and possibilities. Then from about 12-1 Sandra will give progressive demonstrations with new techniques and options for ways to work with screen print and painting. Students are welcome to register for 1, 3 or 5 days of open studio artmaking with Sandra Wolfson!!

Yes is the answer to all sorts of combinations and connections for this screen printing and painting workshop...Yes we can print on paper; Yes we can print on canvas, wood panels or plexi! Take your work to another level by giving yourself permission to follow your imagination to unforeseen places. Create images you never dreamed of!

Serigraph (screen printing) is a fast and forgiving graphic medium where the image is imposed on a screen using one of many types of stencil methods, including photobased processes. We will cut, collage, stencil, paint and print- Each day of the week will be a new opportunity to play with color, reworked images, layering and multiplicity!

Instructor: Sandra Wolfson

  • Details

    Weeklong workshop: Monday - Friday July 14-18
    Mon - Fri 11-5pm
    ** New lowered prices and options:
    5 days: $330/ Members $315
    3 days: $195 / Members: $185
    1 day: $80/ Members: $70

    Supplies Fee varies with a max of: $30 includes use of new screen, all inks, emulsion and tools (paper and screens available for purchase)
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