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2021 Art Student Scholarship Program

Open Ground Studios is offering a scholarship program to support the needs of local, young adult, art students as they continue their studies on-line through spring of 2021.
Please support this community benefit program

Eligibility: ART Students (full-time enrollment, young adults)

  • High School (Juniors or Seniors)

  • Monterey County College Students

Need Based: Students who are challenged to complete their educational requirements to their fullest potential due to insufficient space, privacy, funds, and/ or supplies while working from home.


Successful applicants will be self-motivated and have a record of dedication to their artmaking; will have earned the respect of their teachers,  employers and/or intern supervisors based on their reliability and integrity; and have proven their capacity for clear and respectful communication while contributing to community learning.


This program aims to support motivated art students to get out of their bedrooms and into an art space and community where they can work and grow properly while taking on-line courses during the Covid19 pandemic. They will have access to the OGS community space, our shared supplies and equipment for their art production, and our wifi and spaces for zoom classes.   Throughout Spring 2021 students will have multiple opportunities to meet and work with an outstanding cadre of professional and practicing artists and mentors.

Free six-month co-op membership to Open Ground Studios beginning January 2021.

  1. Empowerment and support through a network of professional artists

  2. Studio access to establish a healthy routine of studio practice with proper space and supplies.

  3. Autonomy within a brave space designed for study and creative productivity, away from distractions and stresses of home-life.

  4. Promotion and exhibition opportunities

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

A mandatory collective welcome session will be arranged during the month of December. Students agree to studio guidelines and covid19 protocols, and sign co-op member contract and liability forms. Recipients under the age of 18 will also need signatures from parent or legal guardian. A group orientation will be scheduled in January prior to receiving full access to the studio. Limited storage will also be available.

Students of all ages are struggling to maintain focus and to rise above the internal and external stresses created by these extraordinarily difficult times. We know that art has the innate ability to lessen our stress and to reestablish a sense of balance, as does human connection. The multi-tiered mentorship component of this program is meant to offer routine access to professional practicing artists who bring not only artistic expertise to the students, but also their generosity of spirit and life wisdom. The goal is to create a learning environment laced with encouragement and possibilities connected in real time with real people.

About the Mentorship Component

A cadre of local practicing and professional artists will rotate visiting OGS throughout the semester meeting students, sharing their work and offering feedback and support for work and process. This schedule will create a steady stream of anticipated inspiration.​ Some artists will be available for one-on-one mentorships, while others will be visiting artists to illuminate possibilities and insights for connection, learning and practice. 

Charcoal Drawing by Melanie Mena, Applicant

Denese Sanders

Artist, OGS Founder, Educator

Monterey Peninsula College

Paul Richmond

Artist, Educator, Activist

Elizabeth Murray

Artist, Author, Educator

Kim Campbell


Terese Garcia


Linda Lay

Mixed Media Artist, Educator

Fusion Academy, Los Gatos

Margaret Niven

Artist, Educator

Monterey Peninsula College

Diana Corvelle

Artist, Educator

Nina Temple

Artist, Designer

Enid Baxter Ryce

Artist, Educator

California State University, Monterey Bay

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