Printmaking Resouce

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Printmaking in 2020
Our printmaking facilities are bright and well equipped with everything you need to produce your images and print! 
Copper etching * collagraph * dry point * photopolymer/ solar plates, monotype * polyester lithography * woodcut 


  • 30 x 50" Takache Garfield Etching Press (Yve)

  • 28 x 48" Dickerson Electric Etching Press (Minne)

  • 22 x 26" NuArc Photoexposure unit

  • Kutrimmer Board Sheer (cuts polymer plates too)

  • Acid room with sink and ferric chloride vertical tank 18 x 25" 

  • 32 x 42" custom built water tray & portable trays in various sizes

  • Full table and portable glass slabs

  • 3 large inking rollers (Takache Garfield)  and brayers

  • Hot plate & ink additives

  • Paper cutting table 30 x 68 & cutting mats

  • 30 x 40 light table & portable light table

  • Airbrush aquatint

  • Many community printmaking supplies including tarleton, gloves, newsprint, oils, class inks, various handtools, drying rack and boards, and more.


We have two distinctive printing areas and three ways to access them in 2020:

West Studio with Yve: 

Artist Collective members can reserve solo time in this printshop area with storage space and full access to the entire facility including north studio access.

Co-op membership required*

North Studio with Minnie:

This new intimate printshop in the north studio is designed for printmakers who wish to get back into the printshop for large or small projects, and who prefer to have the health benefit of independent space with fresh air.  The north studio has a window and door for solo access.

Hourly Rate Option. No membership required

**$75/ for first 3 hours,  $20 hour after that.

Includes additional 20 minute press/ shop orientation.

** Sequential and additional rental discounts available.

Month-to-Month Access $180/mo Unlimited

North Studio access, calendar reservations required. This option also supports access to all plate-making equipment and supplies.

*Covid19 hardship discounts available on all artist collective memberships through 2020.