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Artists, instructors, students and working professionals have all found a home at Open Ground Studios.

But don't take our word for it, take theirs.....

The community OGS has created is really special because of the feelings of nurturing comfort and camaraderie that are pervasive there.  That is priceless!  You can probably find other places with good instructors, but maybe not one that feels as comfy and safe as OGS . . . kind of like a home away from home with a big net-like trampoline.  A place where I know that I will have fun learning something new.  And where I will not be left alone in my struggles because there will always be a helping hand and invaluable advice.  By "safe" I mean that students feel comfortable "falling" because someone will be there to catch you and help you up, bounce back, or even soar. You will never leave a class or workshop feeling like you "failed" at something.  At OGS I always learn so much, not just from the instructors, but also from the other artists and students.  The encouragement and inspiration you acquire from watching someone else overcome obstacles in the creation of their piece is unforgettable!  And the ever-changing visual feast of original artwork that covers all the walls is always so inspiring and stimulating. - Loryn Tashima, Student & Supporting Member


Denese has created the place we needed but didn't know we did. She makes making art as natural as brushing one's teeth, and a whole lot more fun! - Patrice V., OGS Instructor


I am continuously and deeply rewarded by the environment here, and my personal art practice has become infinitely richer as I've been encouraged by both new friends and relative strangers. - Corinn H., Staff


As I'm new to the Monterey area, OGS has been a crucial part of my social life, as well as providing a space for me to work in whenever I want the extra bonus of having other artists around me. - Helen R., Co-op Member


Open Ground Studios is a wonderful place for all creative types to hone their skills, work on their art professionally, or discover a whole new community. - Molly N., Supporting Member


[Denese has] taught me so much about art, but also about patience and courage and I am so very glad I've been able to spend time learning from [her] for the past year. - Athena, MBCS Mentee


I can't say enough how much I enjoyed the experience of teaching for the first time eleven incredibly talented students. Furthermore, it was the most fulfilling and gratifying professional gig I've had to date. This has been a very inspirational experience and a very reflective, transitional time creatively and personally. I think this teaching experience has taken my nature and the nature of my art to new dimensions. - Robert B., OGS Instructor


I joined OGS because I believe wholeheartedly in artists having a supportive sanctuary where they can learn, grow, and exchange ideas. - Melissa P., Supporting Member


I have learned practical skills such as medieval bookbinding as well as the more important skills of contributing to community: teaching makes at least two people feel better, and sharing is good for the soul. - Frank T., Student


I was given the opportunity for a personal exhibition so as to light a fire under me and get me moving! Now I am back at it and am so grateful for everything OGS has provided not just me, but the community as a whole. - Alyssa E, Co-op Member


I instantly felt at home in the printshop. This feeling was strengthened when I spent a day printing in the beautiful facility, as people came by and offered friendly support. - Cindy D., Network Member


My time at OGS has been the most productive, creative, and fun time in my creative life. - Katie C., Co-op Member & OGS Instructor


Having OGS available to me as a supporting member gives me artistic peace of mind. I have support and community as I expand my creative knowledge and expression; and the flexible studio times accommodate my work schedule. It is an affordable, nurturing, encouraging place to learn, work, and build a community of like minded people interested in creative endeavors. The classes are unique and instructors are top notch. Thank you OGS, for supporting art and artists in our local community. - Deborah R., Supporting Member


In a time when gathering places that inspire creativity and conversation are few and far between, OGS is an invaluable asset to our local community. - The Woods, Supporting Family


There are very few places where an artist can freely create without physical or psychological restraints. Places like OGS must always be supported. - Billie A., Supporting Member


Here, I feel that I have a home where my creative life (which had no real outlets previously) is supported and cared for. - Deb B., Supportin Member


OGS's community is warm and open and allows its members to feel vulnerable in a safe space where each person is free to explore their thoughts, feelings, insights, and passions in much deeper ways because of the community of trust. - Kristen W., Founding Donor


Open Ground Studios has been a wellspring of inner growth for me, not just as an artist but as a human being. - Terese G., Flex Member


The opportunities OGS offers have made my artistic endeavors expand and improve. There are working, full time artists painting, printing and building who bring a professional feeling to the studio that has inspired me to be more productive. - Susie B., Founding Donor & Co-op Member


OGS continues to provide a welcoming, positive setting for artists of every level to experiment with different projects and media and to meet people in the community who are interested in continuing their work in art. - Marie M., Student & Supporting Member


I definitely see this place as my second home and always look forward to coming in! - Ana B., Co-op Member

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